quinta-feira, 27 de maio de 2010


No passado dia 24 de Abril de 2010 realizou-se no Palácio de Belém um espectáculo da Ronda dos Quatro Caminhos que contou com a participação de diversos convidados incluindo Esta Senhora espantosa. Vejam e depois digam se vale a pena tentar postar todo o espectáculo ( cerca de 1h30')

domingo, 7 de março de 2010

Anaglyph 3D first 4 sec animation

First 3D movie 4 secs anaglyph from Luis Palha on Vimeo.

Ok, I'm in 3D mode now. After considering that anaglyph movies don't have a market here in Portugal, I was asked to do a test. So here it is a small animation done in AE an Swift 3D just to test the skill. Don't forget to put the glasses on.

Canon 7D hand made camera rig from Luis Palha on Vimeo.

This is how I made my own camera rig reading about them in vimeo and other forums such as camera5D.
As I'm not rich and read almost everything about how to power my 7D I put myself to work and built these rigs. Next I'm going to build myself a shoulder mount rig. About prices. Well I could sell you guys this for a load but in fact it cost me around 50 Euros ( plus little gray cells ).The slider is made of two rulers like the ones we can use in drawers plus bolts and nuts. The glider was made from a alluminium pipe and a bike handel. The geometrics is a little bit hard to get it right but it works fine. finally the fiewfinder is made of kline and ducktape, a bit of rubber band and a lens that I bought in a chinese shop. One can not see the intire screen but boy, can you focus. Plus as I found out the simple fact to have the camera with another support (your eye ) makes wonders to the shaky problems when filming hand held.


Vira dos Malmequeres ( Dance of Daisies ) from Luis Palha on Vimeo.

This is my first work using a canon 7D. It was shot in a 4 hour session last saturday night using a canon 7D, canon 50mm 1.4, a light dolly and a vinten 10. Two 1000w fresnel, a soft light and a 60 cm kino fluo were also used. Some problems with the monitors in the back but in the overall the workflow was very smooth. Edited in FCP only minor cc were done, mostly in the close up shots. The image is really something. Thanks to the crew that worked with me, Miguel Pite DOP, Daniel, cam. assist. and my wife Cristiana as assistant producer.

CAROUSSEL - Merry Go Round from Luis Palha on Vimeo.

The other day I discovered this caroussel at a corner in the Lisbon's Zoo. It was pouring so I only spent enough time to shoot this images. I used a 7D with a ef-s 18-55mm on a monopod. The footage is quite grainy but with the remove grain pluggin in final cut and the downscaling to 720P is not that bad afterall. No CC. The caroussel is quite nice and my wife and kid loved it